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We have great pleasure to inform you, that Dryps Consulting since February 2016 has been starting the activities in the field of outsourcing employees. Our actions will be targeted for service of this subject by attracting foreign workers and lead them to work on the Polish market, the UK, Germany and Austria.

We act in three areas:

Polish market

Dryps Consulting will host a party workers to work at home on Polish territory, which means that our company will settle a work permit in two possible variants:

I. Permits to work on the territory of the Republic of Poland for a period not longer than 6 months within the next 12 months (this kind of employment is available only to citizens of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia and Azerbaijan).
II. Permits to work on the territory of the Republic of Poland for a period of 2 years (such authorization may be extended for another periods of time).

In addition Dryps Consulting may act as a representative of the Ukrainian company, which will delegate (on the basis of the signed contract) their employees on the territory of the Republic of Poland for the implementation of the tasks set out in the contract (export of services).

UK market

Since autumn 2015 in London is working Dryps Consulting International Ltd, which is a company that, among other things in the system way is engaged to the recruitment of staff to work in the UK.

The markets in Germany and Austria

Dryps Consulting through own representatives is a service of outsourcing and requires own employees to work abroad (a posting) commissioned by companies from these countries.

We”ll pay particular attention to the qualifications of the proposed personnel and motivation to work. Workers accepted by Dryps Consulting will confirm and accept Terms and Conditions of employment especially the documents of individual responsibility for any faults in the work (unjustified absence, alcohol consumption, etc.).